Blogging – starting out

As a newcomer to the world of blogging, I am intrigued by the how and why of setting up a blog. Questions arise like what to call my blog, what is the purpose of my blog and the many other different and varied aspects of operating in this area of e-world living and communicating and why I would use this as one tool amongst many to support my interactions.

A blog example worth sharing is Em’s. She has introduced herself as someone studying Primary Education at UTS in Sydney. Her blog is described as being “my personal learning space for an e-learning subject where I can record my educational discoveries this semester and voice my opinions on children’s creative use of learning technologies … this blog will largely consist of my personal thoughts recorded in response to […]

Through her selection of topics, Em has looked at what I will refer to as the 3Es – Encountering E-learning Education. This blog is worth looking at and can be found at

When exploring and reading Em’s blog, I found the following quote …

“I think it’s the most beautiful tool of the world and it allows us the most magic thing…”

Florence Dassylva-Simard, fifth-grade student.

What are your thoughts about blogging as a tool for communicating in classrooms?